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Day 1

The group has gathered for their own reasons at Port Valor where the Lord Regent Anton Bellinghume II is hearing petitions. During the process a Portal opens and orcs pour into the room and attack. The guards along with the group members attempt to fight them. On the originating side of the portal is a death knight. During the battle a second portal opens and Raguel appears. The group is victorious over the orcs and the portal closes. After discussion, it is agreed the group will help the druid with her request and investigate a missing druid. It was also recommended to Anton they could try to go into the mountains as their was reported to be a wise old man that used to live in Port Valor who abandoned everything to live on his own there. Perhaps he could offer some sense as to why Raguel had no memories.

Day 2

The group travels up the road toward Geren's Well.

Day 3

The group reaches Garen's Well but does not stay. The proceed to forest, encounter some treants and then rest for the night.

Day 4

The group continues through the forest. They encounter werewolves and discover Draven Cortese had been turned into one by a cursed amulet. Draven then instructed you to proceed to the glade to fight the demons who had taken over. which you did. One miner, Driel Bosch, who was killed in the battle was reincarnated as a dragonborn. They were able to remove the curse on the 3 other miners who were infected.

Day 5

In the morning you assisted in a ritual to consecrate the glade an then began your journey into the mountains.

Day 6

The group continued through mountains, finding a road that was not on the map and took it. They discovered a Large Mountain.

Day 7

You find an opening to an entrace in mountainside. Following it down to a cavern, they find 2 dead Tieflings. Thrampt is shocked when he touches the armor on one of them. Raguel did this also but went unconscious for a bit. After that he could touch the items without issue. He also informed the group that they were not ready to go into the caverns yet. He takes the items from the male. They then buries the female body and burn the male body. The group returns to crossroads in the mountains.

Day 8

They continues on path following Raguel's feelings. They encounter some crazy mountain man Mortimer and his toad Rick, whom he licked throughout their conversation. He did give them several warnings in the form of cryptic messages. The group then reaches the vale.

At the Vale, they attempt attack on large group trying to capture hippogriffs. The leaders escape and a couple others escape. Belasia is able to communicate with one of the hippogriffs who leads them to a mostly sealed caverns where some hippogriffs are contained within. The group is able to free them. They are partial trained and receptive to being ridden.The group then heads to the base camp. Raguel simply walks in with no action being taken by the orc or human guards. He then begins a fight with a rather large half orc. You were successful in fighting the group however, one male warrior who simply ran when the fighting started escaped. Anton noticed he looked very much like Belasia. The wild magic Sorcerer who was killed, was reincarnated as a drow and instantly disappeared. Raguel was able to recover the journal. Thrampt has a moment of panic as if something terrible has happened and then the light on his amulet goes out.

Day 9

The group seals up the remaining items and treasure and then flies back to the mountain.

Into the Caverns

Day 10

You entered the Lesser Caverns and explored. You found the entrance to the Greater Caverns.

Day 11

You decended to the Greater Caverns and explored.

Day 12

You continued exploring the Greater Caverns.

Day 13

You solved the puzzle of the Greater Caverns, defeated Drelzna, receovered the Lanthorne and a lot of treasure.

Out of the Caves

Day 14

After conquering the Caverns, defeating Drelzna and retrieving the Lanthorne, the group hauls the treasure out of the mountain. On the way out, **Belasia found an earring (tat she swears she heard sound come out of. After finding it had the mark of Thrampt's order, she gave it to him. Making your way with the couple hippogriffs that remain and magical means you posses, you make your way back down the mountain trail and all the way to the crossroads where you had made camp previously. You notice the corpses of the Hill Giants that you fought here are gone. Tracks in the area just seem to be of the dead creatures but they are fresher than when you first encountered them. It would seem as if they got up, walked to the center of the area and disappeared.

Day 15

The group continues uneventfully through the mountains all the way to the Hippogriff Vale. The corpses here are also gone.

Day 16

You spend the day fixing up the remainder of the wagons and loading up the stored equipment.

Day 17

The group heads out and makes it back to the crossroads.

Day 18

The group continues back toward the mountain pass. You pass by the location of the Purple Worms you fought on the way in. The corpses are also gone but this seems different than the others. Several large tracks around the area are unmistakably those of a dragon. You make it back to the Druid's grove and are greeted by Draven. He informs you that all has been quiet and things have been getting back to normal. However, a couple days after you had left, Draven had discovered the corpses of the Bullettes (that you fought on your way into the forest) were gone. Like they walked off.

Day 19

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Day 20

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Day 21

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